I have always fallen a responsibility toward the society and gratitude for all it has given me. I fell that I could contribute my share by providing a useful platform and interface for imparting quality education and thus Guru Nanak Dev Educational Society come into existence. Great vision results in landmark destinations.

The GNDES has been able to establish an institution with the motto “In pursuit of Excellence”. It has enlightened thousands of students since its inception 2003 in the fields of Life Science, Bio Science and many more at U.G and P.G. level The dedication and devotion of my team has been able to develop a confidence amongst the potential scholars and has built reputation as a temple of learning. Every year this institution grows with new courses are being added to our curriculum.

Our educational initiatives believe in creating an academic foundation for social, cultural, scientific, economic and technological development so our Nation can rise up to the global interface by giving way to education exchange in the international territory as well.

Therefore, our focus is to achieve unparalleled excellence that will bring development to our society and mankind by optimizing their potential, ther by establishing the observation of renowned Journalist J. Harris on the purpose of education which to “Turn mirrors into Windows”.