Report on Guest Visit

Guest Lecture
Dr. Anil Kumar

Guest Lecture By DR. ANIL KUMAR

The lecture was given by Dr. Anil Kumar, scientist ‘D’ from Zoological Survey of India, Dehradun on the topic ‘Wetlands of Himalayas’ on dated March 24, 2018. He has more than 10 years of research experience on wildlife (Birds). The lecture was mainly emphasized on wetlands, its importance, conservation and management.
The topics included in the lecture were:

  1. • Wetland ecosystems
  2. • Wetland hydrology
  3. • Wetland vegetation
  4. • Classification of wetlands
  5. • Functions, ecosystem and economic services provided by wetlands
  6. • Loss of wetland
  7. • Wetland conservation planning and status.

At last he shared his research experience with the students and manifested as motivation. Overall the lecture was very fruitful for the students.

Report on Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture at UCBMSH, Dehradun

Date of Activity:

  • 24 MARCH 2018

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EVS Educational Visit
Guest Lecture - Wetlands
Guest Lecture - Wetlands