(27-04-2018 To 30-04-2018)


This is four days educational tour report of Forestry students (IVth and VIth Semester) to Dr. Y.S Parmar University, Horticulture and Forestry, Solan, Himachal Pradesh and adjacent areas. The tour was organized by Dr. Yashwant Singh Rawat, Head, Department of Forestry and accompanied by associate faculty members Ms Madhuri Rawat and Ms. Anju Rawat to supervise the students in their field based practicals and expertise. The tour was started at 06:00am from the college and arrived Solan area at 03:30 PM on 27-04-2018. On the way, at 12:30 PM we reached at rosin and turpentine factory, Nahan, where Managing Director of the Factory and Mr. Sharma had given a lecture on rosin and turpentine and showed the factory along with the processing of rosin and turpentine.

The workshop and field based practicals was a training for Forestry students during their educational tour to Dr. Y.S. Parmar University, Horticulture and Forestry, Solan, Himachal Pradesh. In the workshop, experts have delivered a series of lecturers, hands-on experience on various instruments, tools, labs visits, herbarium, libarary, forestry-scopes and applications, and conducted a number of field based excursion visitis along with lectures. The field based excursion visit was on Tree improvements, Genetics & Breddeings, Seed orchads (clonal and seed), Medicianal and Aromatic plants, Nurseries, Arboratum, Cactarium, Bambusetum, differente Silviculture and Agroforestry Models and livestock management as part of agroforestry. Additionally, study was undertaken on the forest compostion, distribution of the species, phenology, flora and fauna in the area. Each accompanying faculty has contributed greatly with their capacity and expertise in the field based experiments and practical that has conducted at in the locality adjacent areas. The students had hands-on experience with various forestry instruments and forestry learning in respective subjects that has enhanced their capacity, learning, scopes of forestry and knowledge on forestry. This potential training and educational tour would be useful for their forestry career endeavour. The educational tour was successfully completed and returned back to the college on 30-04-2018 at 22h:30.

The purpose of an educational tour, which was successfully completed with the following objectives:

  • 1. The students have hands-on experience and conducted various experiments on Forestry, Silvicultue and Agroforestry in the field using various forestry instruments, tools and sampling methods, new technology on resin extraction to improve their skills and knowledge on it (.
  • 2. It has improved their practical knowledge on forestry and abovementioned topics. Moreover, this educational tour has enhanced their theoretical and practical knowledge, interpersonal skills and improved their skills and knowledge to conduct the field practicals (as part of their course), data collection, observation, analysis and documentation.
  • 3. It has enhanced students’ skills and knowledge on medicinal and aromatic plants, seed collection, storage, handling and processing.
  • 4. Importance, uses, marketing of rosin (resin) and turpentine, the extraction methods of rosin, supply chain and markting change of turpentine. The processing and manufacturing of rosin and visit of the turnpen tine factory.
  • 5. They have also advanced their knowledge on agroforestry systems, silviculture systems, arboretum, cactarium and bambusetum, wildlife, forest ecology, forest composition, forest types, phenology agroforesrtry practices, world forestry, scopes and applications of forestry, vegetation analysis, plantation forestry, rangeland, medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • 6. It has improved their capacity and knowledge on various forestry related practicals and subjects. The study was undertaken on the characterisitics of trees/shrubs/grasses for agroforestry
  • 7. This educational tour has enhanced the practical and theoretical knowledge of students, which could be useful for their forestry career and future endeavor.


Date of Activity:

  • (27-04-2018 To 30-04-2018)

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Prof Tara Gupta is delivering a lecture on tree improvements, gentics, seed orchads and short rotation crops
Prof Tara Gupta is delivering a lecture on tree improvements, gentics, seed orchads and short rotation crops