Who Is Responsible To Influence Mother’s Immunity: A Baby Boy Or A Baby Girl

Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s researcher found that the pregnant women carrying an female fetuses produced more inflammatory response when immune system triggered by any forigen particle (Antigen), compared to woman carrying a male fetuses.

Physiological responses, Glycemic control, blood pressure, and cortisol levels of pregnant women differ according to the sex of the fetus. Immune cells against bacteria response differently depending on the sex of the fetus.Researcher found the level of cytokine in women carrying female fetuses. Cytokines are the signals that regulate immunity and inflammation. Researcher also found that the women carrying female fetuses produced high level of pro-inflammatory cytokines when bacteria exposed to immune system, compared to carrying male fetuses. Fetal sex is an important factor in the women’s body response against to any immune challenge, different type of antigens (Viruses, Bacteria) and infection.

‘It is also noticed that these response is affect the fetus’s health. Maternal inflammation is also affecting the outcomes of fetuses like timing of birth. Sex hormones and other hormones in placental can be affect the maternal inflammation level.’
This blog claimed that baby’s sex play a important role in why some women suffering with different type of morning sickness, cravings and other symptoms.

By – Assistant Professor – Shikha Paliwal
MLT Department
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital