REPORT ON: Visit to Surjeet Singh and Company Timber Merchant


DATE OF PROGRAM: 17/10/2019


Surjeet Singh and Co. Timber Merchant was established in the year 1952 at Bhandari Bagh, Saharanpur Road, Dehradun. They are the importer of timber wood log, imported timber and timber logs since 1952. They have different wood working equipments to cut the logs into desirable shape and size.

Objective of the visit: The main objective of this visit was to give knowledge to the students about different types of timber, grading of timber and its processing.

This is one day educational visit report of B.Sc. Forestry (3rd Semester) and M.Sc. Forestry 3rd Sem to Surjeet Singh and Co. Timber Merchant, Bhandari Bagh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The tour was organized by Ms. Izenti Reang, Department of Forestry to supervise and guide the students in their field based practical and lecture sessions. The field based practical was a training for Forestry students during their educational visit to the Surjeet Singh and Co. Timber Merchant, Dehradun. During the visit the students identified and enlisted the different species of graded  logs imported from different countries like Myanmar, Brazil, USA, etc. There was exposure to different equipments and their use economically. Mr. Harbans Singh, the owner of this Company, demonstrated the measurements of logs and value of  the timber and also explained practically how different instruments are used to get efficient use of timber.


Conclusion: The visit was successful for the students to know about the importance of logs and its processing, working of different equipments like log cutter, horizontal and vertical saw used for cutting the logs according to the desired quantity . This educational tour has enhanced the practical and theoretical knowledge of students, which could be useful for their forestry career and future endeavors.

Tour Organized by: Ms. Izenti Reang

Arranged by: Dr. Shikha Thakur