Miss Anju Rawat
Forestry Department
Email: forestry01@ucbmsh.org

My research and academic training is on the subjects related to Forestry, “Effect of different pre- sowing treatments on the germination of two multipurpose tree species Celtis austrsalis and Grewia optiva”, from VCSG, UUHF, Ranichauri, Tehri Garhwal. I have working experience of scio-economic survey in hil region of Garhwal, institutional and industrial experience from Dehradun, “Center for Aromatic Plants”. I have work experience with National Service Scheme. I have working experience with a multi-cultural work environment.

Currently, my research interests include; Sustainability, the NRM, Forestry, the energy and resources uses, adaptive management, biodiversity and ecosystem services, socio-economic and ecological systems, ecosystem management and conservation.

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