Dr. Piyush
Email: hodchemistry@ucbmsh.org

Qualification : M.Sc. , HNB Garhwal University (Birla Campus Srinagar Garhwal)(Ph.D / Research Programe FRI),(B.Sc. SRTCC Tehri ),( Intermediate Tehri), (High School Tehri) Computer Experience : MS Word ,Excel,PowerPoint,ChemDraw,CoralDraw etc.

  • Lecturer(Visit) in SBS Dehradun in the year of (2002-03)
  • Lecturer in SGRR Dehradun in the year of (2003-05)
  • Lecturer in UCST Dehradun in the year of (2006-07)
  • HOD in SPS Dehradun in the year of (2008-13)
  • Assistant Professor in Chemistry Dept. Siddhartha Institute of Pharmacy (2015).
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