According to NCTE (1998) teacher is the most important element in any educational programme .He plays a central role in implementation of educational process at any stage. The level of achievement of learner is determined by teacher competence. So the quality of education basically depends on the quality of teachers. With the growing population, there is a need of well qualified and professionally trained teachers. So lot of efforts should be made to improve teacher education. The education systems have undergone major reforms over the last few decades. Educational reforms cannot take place without major consequences for teacher education. Many of the issues in teacher education is important to be aware of with the advent of the knowledge era, teacher education need to prepare teachers to face the changing new trends such as technological contexts and to model pedagogies and tools for better forms of learning.

Sub themes

  1. • Teaching methodology
  2. • E-learning
  3. • Role of philosophy in teacher education
  4. • Environmental education emerging issues and trends
  5. • Quality issues and concern in distance mode teacher education
  6. • Dimensions of inclusive education
  7. • Value education
  8. • Yoga education
  9. • Education for human rights
  10. • Role of education for peace