Instruction for Authors:

  1. • A Poster session is a one-to-one informal discussion between presenters and their audience on a conference-related theme. A brief text clearly labelled and illustrated by Graphics, Tables, charts, Images and other.
  2. • Presenters will be exhibiting their posters either on Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, at 2.30-3.30 pm as per the Conference Programme.
  3. • Presenter will be provided a poster board area for poster display. The board will indicate by their names or will indicate the poster number in upper right or left corner.
  4. • Each presenter will be given 3 minutes to discuss their topic. Make your poster as self explanatory as possible to save your efforts of discussion.
  5. • Exhibits should be set up on Wednesday in the afternoon session in the designated area as per the Conference programme and should be removed immediately after session. Volunteers shall help and support for the same.
  6. • You are strongly advised to be in the poster area at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time of your presentation.
  7. • Posters will be hanged with clothes peg, not pinned but can be stuck with double-sided cello tape.
  8. • SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY. Keep to the point, and don’t try to cover too many things.

Type & Text:

  1. • Text should be concise enough to be read from a distance of 4 feet (about 120 cm) Use a minimum font size of 20 points.
  2. • Size of the poster: (Max.) Breadth 90 cm X length 120 cm
  3. • Posters should include a title (Font size 40, Arial Rounded bold), name (Font size 38, Arial) and affiliation (Font size 34, Arial) of the presenter(s) labeled with lettering at least 1” (2.54 cm or 72 point) high from the top of the poster space.
  4. • Presenters may choose to orient the poster vertically or horizontally.
  5. • The body of scientific poster should contain the following:
    o Abstract: Font size 36, Times New Roman
    o Introduction, Methods, Results: Font size 32, Times New Roman
  6. • Discussion Conclusion References: Font size 32, Times New Roman

Note: Section Headings should be at least 36 pt., bold preferred. Avoid using all capital letters. Use bulleted lists where possible instead of paragraphs. You can use italics instead of underlining, or black lettering instead of a light colored rectangle.


  1. • Use photos, diagrams, graphs or any other artwork as a focal point to attract attention and these should be easily visible from a distance.
  2. • Try to make all illustrations (charts, pies, graphs, etc.) into bold graphic display where text is minimized and symbols are maximized.
  3. • Avoid colours that will distract the viewer from the focal parts of your presentation.