Welcome Message:- It is a great pleasure to invite you to attend colloquium/conference on “Advance Techniques In Health Sciences” (ATIHS-2018) to be held on 30th -31st May 2018, organize by College of Nursing and College of Paramedical Sciences, at Dehradun, Uttarakhand.. We expect that decade will see great advances in the field of allied Health sciences. Our special area of interest is current and emerging technologies for the diagnosis of microbial infection, future prospects of stem cell, role of PET-CT Scan in radiology, Virtual Reality Simulators/Simulation, Neutralization Techniques for Antibodies estimation, nerve mobilization technique and computer Vision Syndrome. ATIHS-2018 depends on generous knowledge donation of experts to promote technological advances and teaching innovative learning skills. Therefore it is useful to bring together researchers, scientists, educationalist, and medical service providers for discussions of the latest advances and ideas, and to stimulate interdisciplinary interaction. This conference may help to speed up the development of new, innovative and effective techniques used in health sciences departments to meet the demands of increasing lifespan and raised expectations of patients in future. Apart from sharing and discussion, the conference also provides a valuable opportunity for participants to meet old and new friends and to extend networks for academic and professional collaborations.

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