Topic: “Himalayan Day Celebration – Exhibition Programme”

                  Himalayas have been soul of the country by virtue of cultural, ethnic, ecological and economical values. It has not been guarding country’s border only but constantly serving its human by enriching soil, air, water etc. Himalyan day, a day dedicated for conservation and preservation of Himalyas celebrated on 9th September. Himalayas deserve attention because of ushering, guarding and catering resource needs of the whole nation. Human beings are drawing immense benefits from the Himalayas and as a result the natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate. Therefore its an alarm for the human beings to save the Himalayas and to focus on the sustainable use of resources.
On the occasion oh Himalayan Day, poster and model exhibition was organized at UCBMS&H. Students from all the departments actively participated in the exhibition and prepared posters and models related to Himalayas. The theme of the posters and charts depicted different aspects of Himalayas such as:

  • Himalayan Diversity
  • Effect of Global Warming on Himalayas
  • Himalayas and its services for livelihood
  • Exploitation of Himalayan Resources etc.

The exhibition was judged by the management authority and students gave the description of their charts and models. Based on the performance, prizes were also distributed by the college management under poster and model category.

Conclusion- The exhibition was fruitful in understanding the importance and benefits of Himalayas and also the threats that we human beings are creating. Students very nicely presented their thoughts regarding the Himalayas.

Report on Guest lecture


  • Life Sciences Department

Our Location

Participated by :

  • Students of EVS , Botany, Microbiology, Agro sciences department

Date of Activity:

  • 09 September 2017


Himalayan Days
Himalayan Days
Guest Lecture- MLT Department
Guest Lecture- MLT Department
Guest Lecture- MLT Department
Himalayan Day Celebration
Himalayan Day Celebration