“Guest Lecture on Forest Fire “

Objectives of Guest lecture: The students were given knowledge on forest fires, its types and rescue operations during forest fires.

About the Guest Faculty:The lecture was given by Mr. P.K. Dimri having his expertise in Forest Fire Rescue Operations. He has provided more than 100 trainings on Forest Fires.

About the Lecture:. Lecture included the topics :
Introduction to Forest Fires which explained it is an unontrolled fire occuring in nature. It is the most common hazard in forests.

Causes of Forest Fires which may be caused naturally or due to anthropogenic activities.
Basic types of Forest Fires are Crown fires, Ground fires and Surface fires.
Rescue Operations to be taken during Forest Fires, the use of fire extinguishers Type- ABC and the tecniques to tackel the emergency situations,etc.

Conclusion: The lecture was beneficial for the students and was attended by the students with full interest. The main aspect of providing the lecture was to learn the tecqniques to be followed during the emergency situations.

Guest Lecture

Date of Activity:

  • (31 OCTOBER 2018)

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  • Guest Lecture on Forest Fire