“Visit to Restoration site Maldevta”

Objective of Educational tour: The students were given exposure to restoration site inorder to do the assesment of threats to biodiversity and deplition of water resources in the region.
Introduction: The study site was Maldevta which is around 20 kms from the ISBT of the main city, Dehradun. Few decades back Maldevta was famous for mining of Pyrites and Phosphates Chemicals Limited. After the known adverse impacts in the region the mining was banned and the area was restored with the help of Scientists and Retd. Army Personnels. Maldevta is considered to be the biodiversity rich area with mixed forest in nearby region of Dehradun. The study shows due to anthropogenic activities like construction of roads and unplanned settlement in the area is of great threat to the region. The increasing deforestation may lead to landslides and loss to biodiversity (i.e. flora and fauna of the region). Tourism activities in the water body (Baldi River) is leading to its deplition. There is a great need to conserve them for the preservation of Natural resources.

Conclusion: The tour was beneficial for the students and was attended by the students with full interest. The main aspect of visiting the area was to have personal experience of the restored site, assess biodiversity and water deplition in he area.


Date of Activity:

  • (29 OCTOBER 2018)

Organised By:  

  • Environmental Sciences Department