Report on Educational Visit

Visit to Kadwa Pani, Dehradun

Visit was organized to Maldevta in Dehradun on 16th march 2018, for the students of the college. Karwapani is a swamp forest area which is situated near Manak Sidh temple nearby Shimla road and is about 15 Km north of Dehra Dun occupying an area of about 3-4 Sq Km. It forms the typical habitat, where water oozes out at places known as ‘Oogals’ which form perennial streams

Objectives of the visit

  • 1- To explore the biodiversity of swap area .
  • 2-Morphometric study of river
  • 3-Collection and identification of Benthos
  • 4- Collection and identification of Zooplankton and phytoplankton.

Report on Educational Visit


Visit to Kadwa Pani, Dehradun

Date of Activity:

  • 13 MARCH 2018

Name of Faculty :

  • Jyoti Joshi
  • Nidhi Rawat
  • Dr. Pallavi chauhan

The visit was knowledgeable and fruitfull for all the students.