“Tour Report on Visit to Central Soil and Water Conservation, Selaqui”

Objective of Educational tour: The main objective of the educational tour was to give knowledge to students about the meteorological observatory, watershed management techniques, and culture of fish through fish farm.

Introduction: The students were exposed to status of natural resources, extent of their degradation, issues of conservation needs, and concept of climate variation/change and its impact on agriculture and hydrology through illustrations, demonstration facilities at the Research Farm (Selakui), hydrological laboratory and meteorological station of the Institute. They were also shown fish farm in the field of soil and water conservation at the Regional farm.

                 Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Senior Technical Officer at the research farm located at Selaqui, Dehradun demonstrated how the meteorological data is observed and taken. He also explained various methods employed in watershed management, control of soil erosion and fish cultivation.

Activities/points/ knowledge learned by students:
Meteorological Data– Students learned that how the meteorological data is observed and recorded.
Watershed Management– Students learned the techniques of watershed management.
Fish Culture – Students learned the techniques of composite fish culture, their rearing and stock management.


Date of Activity:

  • (22 September, 2018)
  • Timings: 09:00 AM – 3.00 PM

Arranged By:  

  • Dr. Anil Bisht
  • Dr. Dhyal Singh
  • Dr. Abhishek Bhauguna


  • Students of M.Sc. Zoology I, III Semester and M.Sc. EVS I Semester