agronomy college in dehradun agronomy courses in dehradunZOOLOGY COLLEGE IN DEHRADUN

Uttaranchal (P.G.) College of Bio-Medical Science & Hospital


The College of Zoology is one of the leading College of Uttaranchal (PG) College of Biomedical Sciences and Hospital, Dehradun. The College of Zoology offers undergraduate program (Biotechnology Course) and Post graduate program (M.Sc. Course). During the last 6 years, the College has made its identity in the frontier areas of Life Sciences and now it has developed into a full- fledged center of teaching and research in modern biology. The effort of the College in establishing unique and innovative teaching and training programs.

zoology college in dehradun zoology course in dehradun uttarakhandWHAT IS ZOOLOGY?

Zoology or animal biology is an aspect of science that deals with the study of the animal evolution, habitat and behavior. Zoology is important for students to have an appreciation for nature. Our nature is not just composed of the humans but of plants and animals as well. Everything in our environment is connected with a complex cycle. If one has a better understanding of how animals behave and interact with us, we appreciates nature in a better way.

The study of behavior, physiology, structure, classification, embryology, evolution  and distribution of animals comes under the zoology.

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paramedical college in dehradun paramedical course in dehradun uttarakhandSCOPE AND JOB PROSPECTS OF ZOOLOGY COURSES

Future employment prospects for zoologist are excellent. Students of M.Sc in Zoology are equally preferred for jobs in Govt. as well as Private Sector. They can apply for the position of Project Fellows. Research offers great opportunity as a Junior Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow or Research associates. They have the option to join Forensic laboratories as Scientific Assistants. Education field is yet another are where they can focus on for a glorious career. some scope of Zoology are given below-  

  •  In National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel as Zoologist for research and documentaries
  •  Wildlife Services
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • veterinary hospitals
  • Nature Reserves
  • National Parks
  • Conservation Organizations
  • Animal Clinics
  • Museums

paramedical-college-in-dehradun-uttarakhand-ucbmsh-204GOAL, GUEST LECTURES AND TOURS OF ZOOLOGY COLLEGE DEHRADUN


  • Benefitting from the rich contributions made by a galaxy of eminent academicians, the College has produced a formidable batch of research students.
  • The strengths of the College lies in its highly qualified and devoted teaching staff, diverse research interests in basic and applied sciences, modern teaching aids (Projector, Power point presentations etc.


College has organized many guest lectures through expertise. We call experts from renowned institutions such as Forest research Institute, Zoological Survey of India, Central University professors etc.


College conducts educational tours and visits to various Institutes, ecological sites, forest areas etc

Thrust Area Of The College: 

Name of the Sections and their Thrust Areas of Research

  • Entomology (Insect Morphology & Taxonomy, Physiology and Pest control)
  • Fisheries Science and Aquaculture (Fish Molecular Biology and Endocrinology, Fish Nutrition, Limnology)
  • Parasitology (Molecular, Immunoparasitology& Biochemistry )
  • Hematology( Blood Study (R.B.C ,W.B.C., Hemoglobin, DLC,PCV,ESR)
  • Monitoring of Environment ( Physical ,Chemical&Microbial properties)
  • Biodiversity conservation and Sustainable Development
  • Toxicology
  • Vermiculture


paramedical college in dehradun paramedical course in dehradun uttarakhandLAB, LIBRARY AND EVENTS OF ZOOLOGY COLLEGE DEHRADUN


The laboratories for M.Sc. Students contain all necessary instruments to carry out Theory and Practical as per the syllabus. All the necessary sophisticated instruments required for the research work as well as for M.Sc. students are available in the Department

Total laboratories – 04

  1. Zoology laboratory Lab.- 01
  2. Zoology laboratory Lab.- 02
  3. Biotechnology & Microbiology laboratory
  4. Environmental laboratory

Laboratory Museum:

The museum is well stocked with various specimens belonging to all the animal phyla which are used for teaching Invertebrate and Vertebrates divisions which are included in the syllabi. Some Models and demonstration charts of rare animal specimen and important insects as well as insect pest life cycles and various types of placentae from different mammals are well preserved in the museum.


A small animal house is available behind the departmental building. Number of aquaria to keep various types of aquatic diversity is provided in the College for the M.Sc. students and Project work.


The College library is having spacious room and consists of about 500 books and online books on different disciplines on Zoology. The books are available on weekly renewal basis to the students and the staff. The library is equipped with reading facilities for 100 students at a time.


The College of Zoology conducts various activity likes – Sports, Watching motivational movies, Indoor & out door games, Street play, Environmental awareness program, debate, group discussion, creative work etc. on every Wednesday to enhance student ability over all well being.

agronomy college in dehradun agronomy course in dehradun uttarakhand


M.Sc. Zoology B.Sc.  CBZ with minimum 50% marks 2 years(4 SEMESTER) 60

paramedical course in dehradun paramedical college in dehradun uttarakhand

Syllabus of M.Sc. Zoology -H.N.B. Garhwal University

  • Animal Diversity I – (Lower Non-Chordata)
  • Cell Biology & Molecular Biology
  • Genetics, Evolution & Taxonomy
  • Developmental Biology & Parasitology
  • Lab Course I Based on C001 & C002
  • Lab Course II Based on C003 & C004
  • Animal Diversity-II (Higher Non-Chordata)
  • Animal Physiology and Toxicology
  • Instrumentation, Computer Application and  Biostatistics
  • Elementary Biotechnology & Microbiology
  • Lab Course I Based C007 & C008
  • Lab Course II Based C009 & C010
  • Basic Bioinformatics
  • Human Population Genetics
  • Animal Diversity (Chordata)
  • Ecology & Wildlife
  • Lab Course Based on C013 & C014
  • Fish Biology I/ Entomology I /Environmental Biology I/ Reproductive Biology I
  • Fish Biology II /Entomology II /Environmental Biology II /Reproductive Biology II
  • Lab Course Based on E001a/b/c/d & E002 a/b/c/d
  • Biological & Radiotracer Techniques (self study)
  • Aquatic Biodiversity (self study)
  • Endocrinology & Animal Behaviour
  • Biochemistry & Immunology
  • Lab Course Based on C016 & C017
  • Fisheries Science
  • Applied Entomology
  • Applied Environmental Biology
  • Applied Reproductive Biology
  • Methodology in Fishery Science Methodology in Entomology Methodology in Environmental Biology Methodology in Reproductive Biology
  • Lab Course Based E004 a/b/c/d & E005 a/b/c/d
  • Dissertation *
  • Cold Water Fisheries (self study)
  • Environmental Biotechnology (self study)

paramedical course in dehradun paramedical college in dehradun

Faculties of Zoology College Dehradun UCBMS&H

paramedical course in dehradun paramedical college in dehradun uttarakhand

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