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Uttaranchal (P.G.) College of Bio-Medical Science & Hospital


The College of Botany is one of the leading College of the UCBMSH in the field of quality teaching and research in plant sciences. Students pursue graduate and postgraduate training in plant biology. The department always works to attract students for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies .In addition to teaching through modern techniques, seminars, symposia, workshops, guest lectures and botanical outings are an integral part of academic programme of the department. The department has also organized seminars, symposiums, conference, workshop etc. Some students have qualified  National Eligibility Test ( NET).

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botany colleges in dehradun botany courses in dehradunWHAT IS BOTANY

“Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Botany is a post graduate program which is of 2 years duration. This course aims to providing knowledge about the basic concepts concerning various areas associated with the field of Botany. Graduates in B.Sc. Botany can choose this course as a higher study option. Aspirants who successfully complete this degree can expect a promising future ahead. These graduates have equal job openings in the Private and Government sectors. They have good employment opportunities in several foreign countries as well. Every year various institutions in India hiring a large number of botany professionals.”

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Scope of Botany Courses:

Various scopes of Botany courses are following-


Private sector has several career opportunities for M.Sc in Botany graduates. Some of the fields of employment for aspirants in the field of Botany comprise the following.

  • Drug Companies
  • Fruit Growers
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Oil Industry
  • Seed Companies

They can also work in any of the following areas as well.

  • Lumber or Paper Companies
  • Nurseries
  • Food Companies
  • Chemical Companies
  • Biological Supply Houses

These people can work in numerous job profiles. They are offered good remuneration as well. They can opt for teaching profession also. They can work in any of the Private sector banks or can undertake research funded by private organisations.

Government sector also provides a lot of employment openings for these aspirants. To get placed in any of the Government firm, aspirants have to successfully go through various exams being organized by several Government boards including SSC, PSC and also UPSC. To get placed in any of the Public sector banks they have to clear tests conducted by banks. Below is the list of Government firms where M.Sc in Botany pass outs can get placed.

  • National Park Service
  • Departments of Conservation and Land Management
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services
  • Public Health Service
  • Agriculture Department
  • Forest Officers

These people have job opportunities in the following areas as well.

  • Departments of Environmental Protection
  • Departments of Agriculture and Water
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Medical Plant Resources Laboratory

Several foreign countries provide platforms for M.Sc. in Botany graduates to build up a good career in the field of Botany. Several undertakings functioning abroad demand the service of M.Sc. in Botany graduates. They can work in numerous job profiles there. Good salary is also offered for these graduates abroad. Several research firms are also available there which enables them to focus on the research area as well.

paramedical-college-in-dehradun-uttarakhand-ucbmsh-194UCBMS&H BOTANY COLLEGE IN DEHRADUN DEPARTMENTS: COURSES & ELIGIBILITY

M.Sc. Botany B.Sc. CBZ with min. 50% marks 2 year 45

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Syllabus of M.Sc Botany -H.N.B. Garhwal University

Semester  Syllabus
First Semester
  • Mycology and Microbiology
  • Phycology and Bryology
  •  Pteridology, Gymnosperm and Palaeobotany
  • Taxonomy and Diversity of Flowering Plants
  • Laboratory Course I**
  • Laboratory Course II
Second Semester
  • Plant Development and Reproductive Biology
  • Resource Utilization, IPR and Ethnobotany
  • Cytogenetics   and Molecular Biology
  • Plant Breeding and Biostatistics
  • Laboratory Course I
  • Laboratory Course II
Third Semester  

  • Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Ecology  and  Remote Sensing
  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  1.  Ecosystem Analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing
  2.  Forest Ecology
  3.  Natural Resource Management in Himalay
  4. Palynology and Pollination Biology
  5. Propagation Techniques
  •  Any other Elective course offered by other Department
Fourth Semester
  • Plant Health Management
  1. Applied Plant Anatomy
  2. Seed Pathology
  3.  Bioinformatics and Biological  Database
  4.  Environmental Management and Basics of Nanotechnology
  5.  Diversity and Cultivation of  Mushrooms
  • Any other elective  course offered by other  Department
  1.  Laboratory Course I
  2. Laboratory Course II

paramedical course in dehradun paramedical college in dehradun

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paramedical course in dehradun paramedical college in dehradun uttarakhand


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