Environmental Degradation is Biggest Threats to Human Kind : Problem and Possible Solutions

World is struggling with serious environmental damage, though there are many such issues besides this one which must be emphasized but if we have the right vision and broad perspective then we will be able to visualize that environmental issues are of greater concern than any other issue because this nature and this earth is the only basis of our existence and our livelihoods. Scientists around the whole world are concerned about the threatening condition of this planet. Various types of pollution such as water, air, soil noise certainly leads in to different types of diseases not only in human being but on other flora and fauna of planet. Vedas are of great essence with respect to environment conservation. Vedas carry vast description regarding environment conservation. These descriptions are capable enough to fight against the various recent environmental problems, threats and environmental challenges along with global warming and some such serious issues. In different Vedic shukta nature has been emphasized like in Rig Veda fire, its form, characteristics and functions has been mentioned in the same way Yajur Veda interpret about different forms of air and their qualities, also in Sam Veda water element is mentioned and in Atharva Veda earth element is explain. These four elements form the basis of environment. In Yajur Veda all different processes of Yagya are elaborated. In this volume Yagyas are considered to be the centre of environment purification. It is written in kautilya economics (2.145) that dumping garbage in open or roads, polluting water and throwing wastes in temples, work place and in ponds is a great sin. Vishnu Smriti states that pollution caused by human and animals is curbed and reduced by sun, moon and air. Charak Samhita Vimaansthan (3.2) give the reference that planets, moon, air, nature, all get polluted due to the human influence, Medicinal plants have lost their basic qualities and whenever such kind of pollution will occur then human and other creatures will suffer from diseases. Charak Samhita (3.6) states that in polluted environment mosquito, creatures of reptile classes, wild dogs and violent animals get increased in number. Rig Veda( 7.49.2) says that sea sky water, river water having source of ocean protects all living beings. Factors which are responsible are responsible for water pollution are shown in Manu Smriti (4.56) in which elements for causing water pollution are waste material, toxic substances, etc. In Hinduism rivers are considered as Goddess like river Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada etc. As per Praischit Tapa (1.535) abandonment of faeces, urine, along the rivers, washing clothes, swimming and cremation of dead bodies is strictly prohibited.

We will have to wake up in time if we want to give this beautiful planet to our future generations to see and to preserve. We should think about our vedic literature and union that theory with modernization to conserve, preserve and protect our environment. The saying “Prakrati rakshati rakshita” must be understood by all so that we can give the legacy of pure environment to our future generations. Vedic literatures carry the bombardment of ultimate knowledge with scientific basis, we must respect and should develop deeper sense of its preaching. These mysteries should be manifested, which may lead human thinking to new dimensions.

By:- Mr. Anil Bisht
Department of Zoology.
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital