Specialized Dental Radiography X-Ray Equipment


  • It is wall mounted and of a strong rigid structure.
  • Patient is literally pinned by the ears by means of ear plugs in a fixed relationship to a cassette-holder; x-ray tube is at another fixed point
  • Orbital indicator, nasal pointer and scales – indication
  • Filter- lateral projections -prevent over penetration
  • Done to see orthodontic relations
  • Generators used here have max 7 – 12 mA and 50 – 55 kvp


  • It provides the means to obtain panoramic tomography of the jaws and face; i.e. all the teeth , together with the mandibles and maxillae , are seen on a single 15×30 cm film
  • Entails smaller radiation dose
  • Used for the demonstration of the TMJ, fractures of facial bones, development abnormalities and large dental cysts.
  • Duration of exposure is 15sec tube head and cassette carriage oppose each other
  • System has; bite block, chin support, forehead support, Right and Left temporal supports, Right and Left perplex face plates, a handle which the patient may grip
  • Here curved cassette is used
  • A single pulse generator is used which offers radiographic exposure from 55- 85kvp and 15mA

There are two kinds of film moving mechanisms, one using a sliding flat cassette which holds the film, and another using a rotating cylinder around which the film is wound.There are two standard sizes for dental panoramic films: 30 cm x12cm (12″x 5″) and 30 cm x 15 cm (12″x6″). The smaller size film requires 8% less X-ray dosage.

By – Assistant Professor – Mr. Binoo
Radiology Department
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital