Purpose Of Radiation Monitoring And Personnel Monitoring Devices


Purpose: To check periodically the adequacy of built in safety features and working procedures

  1. Radiation levels in and around the areas where radioisotopes are handled shall be routinely measured.
  2. Contamination monitor and survey meter are used for general purpose monitoring and for checking the radiation levels.
  3. Surveys of areas in which radioactivity is used or stored shall be done to monitor external radiation exposure levels as well as removable surface contamination.
  4. Alternate day area monitoring shall be done using a survey meter (GM counter or ionization chamber type) and contamination monitor in areas where radiopharmaceuticals are prepared, administered and stored.
  5. Places where higher than background levels of radiation are detected shall be wipe tested to determine whether the contamination can be removed. Decontamination of such sites shall be carried out until the background radiation level is reached or until no more contamination can be removed.

Purpose: Monitor individual doses regularly in order to ensure compliance with the stipulated
Dose limits.

  1. All persons involved in radioisotope handling on a regular basis (occupationally exposed) shall wear personnel monitoring badges while working inside the nuclear medicine laboratory. A chest TLD badge and a wrist TLD badge that will be processed on a quarterly basis shall be provided.
  2. It will be the responsibility of each individual badge recipient to wear and use the badges properly.
  3. The TLD badge should not be worn, if the personnel are in a patient status.
  4. A written statement shall be given by an individual who has lost his/her badge.
  5. A written statement is required of any individual who has received more doses during any service period.

By -Assistant Professor – Mr. Binoo
Department of Radiology
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital