Green Revolution For Sustainable Development

Human population explosion is occurring day and night no politician tries to speak and work on this topic due to fear of loss of their chair, uncaring the future problems which may occur in near future. We may not be able to get a place of standing even. At the time of independence we were only 30 cr. (1947) and at present we are 130 cr. alarming situation. Similarly 80% rural and 20% urban, it is 80% urban and 20% rural now, because we have forgotten the teaching of Bapu “start your development from the darkest corner of the country.” India used to leave in rural villages and now In urban cities. A huge migration due to our wrong polices as we have not created transport, water, electricity education, employment, hospitals and residential facilities yet after 70 years of freedom. Forest land receded to19% instead of 33% only. Wildlife dwindling to 6% only due to invasion and deforestation. wild life is unable to get proper hiding place grazing , prey for their food even water for quenching thirst , wallowing which has been closed in mineral water bottles by higher-ups . All rivers are dry only floods during rainy season no rain water & river management has been done so far to avoid flood situation and draught condition which are causing a great havoc in large parts of the country.

No sufficient hydro electricity production through recycling of water having erected. 85% assets of the country belong to politician industrialist and few land lords barring marginal farmers. 40% below poverty line and 70% illiterate without purchasing powers. The gap between producer farmers and city consumers is too much wide. Farmers are not getting remunerative price of their produce like vegetables, fruits, cereal grains, sugarcanes and milk, meet and eggs etc. Farmers are compelled to throw their produce on roads. Recently the Jharkhand vegetable producers had thrown their vegetable produce on road because they were not getting even the cost of transportation to the market.

By:- Ms. Izenti Reang
Department of Forestry
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College of Biomedical Sciences and Hospital