Global Dimming?

                         Global dimming is natural phenomenon resulting by atmospheric pollution. This atmospheric pollution causes significant reduction in incoming solar radiation towards earth. So, global dimming is defined as the decrease in the amounts of solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. The dimming of earth or reduction in amount of light on earth is equivalent to about 2.7 % per decade as reported by Gerald and Shabtai, 2000. The main cause of atmospheric pollution is human activities, which causes emission of soot, ash particles and aerosols in the atmosphere in large quantity.

                         This reduction in global incoming solar radiation would affect plant processes and agriculture productivity, which indirectly cause reduction in water stress problem. Direct consequence of global dimming is on hydrological cycle, which may further cause changes in atmospheric circulations resulting from different pattern of solar heating of earth’s surface. Another important consequence is to affect potential of solar energy, which is renewable, non-polluting and alternative source of energy.

“Thus, it is important to reduce pollution and conserve environment.”

By – Nidhi Rawat
Environmental Science Department
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital