Parental Roll In Value Education and a glance onpersonalize education in india

A family constituted by the parents and children is undoubtedly the main source where early Sanskar are formed. This way, children informally practice basic values like honesty, truthfulness, love, respect for elders, tolerance, personal gladness etc. it is , therefore, necessary for school to find out the values a students has received in the family. The school should also take into confidence the parents regarding the value pattern they planned. So it is very important that parents are frequently involved in the project of value orientation of education. That way, they will be able to appreciate the identified values and give them due importance. They will also follow some such values and thus set example before their wards. They will have right attitude to help children and school in implementing value education programme. Consequently is that Indian Education System is not satisfactorily because kids are so busy in remembering the things that they are not developing good health, not learning the style of living a happy life and make others happy. Their creativity and innocence is flying and good cramming is taking place.


Researches have proved that not all students are able to learn successfully at the same pace. Learning style varies from student to student, so, in order to make every student successful, there is a need to concentrate on different approaches of teaching, Assembly line education prepares assembly line workers. However, the drift of economic world is away from assembly line production. Indian education system is built on the presumption that if something is good for one student, it is good for all learner.Some students learn faster, some are comparatively slow. Some people are visual learners, others are auditory learners, and still some others learn faster from experience. If one massive monolithic education system has to provide education to everyone, then there is no option but to assume that one size fits all. If however, one can effectively decentralize education, and if the government did not obsessively control what would be the “syllabus” and what will be the method of instruction, there could be an explosion of new and innovative courses geared towards serving various niches of learners which enforced strict standards of what will be taught and how such things are to be taught.Central regulation kills choice, and stifles innovation too. As far as education is concerned, availability of choices, de-regulation, profitability, entrepreneurship and emergence of niche courses are all inter-connected.The main goal behind personalizing the learning is to transform the traditional classroom and well equipped laboratory into an interactive learning environment and to provide students with the ease of learning as each student is unique and learns differently. Educational institutions should upgrade their classroom and science laboratory models according to the present environment system.

By:-Dr.J.P.Juyal (HOD )
Department of Chemistry
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital