Climate Change And Global Warming

With the earth’s continued population growth along with over exploitation of natural resources, there is a corresponding demand for all the factors contributing to say warming: coal-fired power plants, deforestation, vehicle exhaust (land, water, and air), agricultural burns, wars (the military industrial complex), concrete, asphalt, etc. Above consequences lead to depletion of natural resources along with deterioration in social and economic aspects.
Fresh Water: Our fresh water supply will great diminish with global warming. With the demise of coral reefs and the ecosystems therein, less fresh water will flow into lakes and tributaries.

Animal Extinction: Climate change and global warming continuously decreasing several species of plants and animals every year. The natural habitats now unfit for wild organisms due to change in physical factors in ecosystems.

Agriculture: Climate change and global warming can affect yield and quality of agricultural crops. In earlier stage results are not visible yet, but it may show its effects in years to come. Plants are the major source of food for human beings and as a result food shortage may occur.

Droughts: As temperatures warm, the presence of drought has increased in the Garhwal Himalaya during summer seasons.

Frequent Wildfires: Due to hotter summers more frequent wildfires continue to surface in vast amounts each year. Each time a wildfire burns, the less oxygen there is to combat the dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

By – Dr. Sandeep Dhyani
Botany Department
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital