Aloe vera is very versatile. It’s your immediate assistant for relieving burns from sun exposure, chemical burns, or burns from a fire. It’s even used in the burn units of some hospitals! However, beyond the emergencies and immediate medicinal uses of aloe vera, it can be added to other ingredients to make soap, fMEDICINAL USES OF ALOE VERAacial toners, facial scrubs and masks, after shave, mists, lip balm, salve, tinctures, washes, creams and astringents. One of my favorite ways to use aloe vera is to drink its juice. It’s incredibly cleansing and has a really tasty punchy flavor! Want to soften and condition your hair and get it clean without stripping it of its protective oils . Aloe vera remedies come in the form of shampoos that make your hair naturally sparkle. When combined with other plants and oils for this particular use, the medicinal uses of aloe vera truly shine (no pun intended)! Aloe vera gel has a 4.3 pH that makes it wonderful for shampoos and lotions. One of the other medicinal uses of aloe vera is that it contains aloin, the brown gel which is focused near the blades of the leaf. Aloin is a natural sunscreen protectant from sun exposure. Speaking of skin, there are many aloe vera remedies that are good for all skin types from oily to dry.

Ms Deeksha Semwal
Department Of Agriculture
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital