Why should we Conserve Biodiversity?

Human should conserve biodiversity because of its benefit for example services and biological resources which are essential to live our life on earth. However, it also provides spiritual benefits as well as social benefit.
A biological resource means any product that is harvested from nature is the part of biological resources. These resources come under several categories such as medicine, food, wood products, fibers etc. For Medicinal field human population is dependent on plants. It is true that in the developed country, many of our medicines are produced by chemicals in pharmaceutical companies, but the original formulas comes from the plants. For example, aspirin comes from willows, opiate which is a pain relievers is derived from poppies and quinine which is used for the treatment of malaria produced by the Cinchona tree.

By:-Ms. Izenti Reang
Department of Forestry
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital