NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES OF EYE A chemical substance that constitutes food and is responsible for the functions of food and also protects the body from various disorders is known to be nutrients. There are mainly two types of nutrients Macronutrient that is protein, carbohydrates, fats & Micronutrients that is vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are organic [...]

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ORGANOGENESIS-EYE EMBRYOLOGY Organogenesis is an organ formation which is prepared by the embryo having three layered structure with separation of following layers. ECTODERM MESODERM ENDODERM Organ is formed by different groups of cells which interacts among themselves, and may consist of several component made up of different tissues after derived from different germinal layers. Eye [...]

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EYE CANCER Eye cancer / ocular cancer can affect the outer part of the eye as well as inner part of the eye. If the cancer that affect the eye itself, it’s called intraocular cancer. Eye cancer is of two types: Primary Eye Cancer –It starts with in the eye Secondary Eye Cancer –It spreads [...]

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There Is Only One Way To Live After Your Death Donate Your Eyes

There Is Only One Way To Live After Your Death Donate Your Eyes The eye is one of the most complex and important sensory organs in the human body. It provides the ability to see in both bright and dim light, focusing on objects both near and far. Its three types of cone cells are [...]

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