REPORT ON: Workshop on Drama and Art in Education

DATE OF PROGRAM: 28th Jan. to 30th Jan. 2020

As per the B.Ed. III Semester Curriculum, Uttaranchal College of Education organized a “Workshop on Drama and Art in Education” from 28th Jan. to 30th Jan. 2020

Dr.Madhuri Barthwal (President Awardee), Ex- Music Director All India Radio (Najibabad), was invited as the expert to share her knowledge with the students. She was the first female music teacher in Uttarakhand and the first female music composer of India. In 2014 she got Uttarakhand Ratna Award. She has been working relentlessly for Uttarakhand’s folk music for last 48 years.

The purpose of this workshop was to develop imagination power and creativity among students and to make them aware about Uttarakhand’s culture, dance and music.

The Workshop was inaugurated on the first day i.e. 28th January by Honourable M.D. Sir Er. G.D.S. Warne.

After that Dr. Barthwal told the students about the history of uttarakhand’s folk music. She also taught the students the classic “Saraswati Vandana” and  made different groups of students and allotted different themes of drama which had to be prepared within the next two days namely-

  1. Veer Gatha – Surju Kaul
  2. Veer Gatha – Madhav Singh Bhandari

On the second day, the students were told about the importance of drama and its impact on the society. She made them understand the reality of drama and the things which should be kept in mind before any presentation.  Students rehearsed and presented drama before all B.Ed. teachers as per the guidelines given by Dr. Madhuri. She also made necessary corrections as per need and requirement and teaches about script writing and its making.

The final day was for the presentation of all that was learnt by the students. Students performed on the songs, dance, and plays that they had previously prepared in the presence of Respected Managing Director Sir Er. GDS Warne.

During this whole workshop the faculty members of Uttaranchal College of Education supervised the students to conduct the workshop in an organized manner. This workshop has helped the students as well as the faculty members of the college in increasing their knowledge about the culture and tradition of Uttarakhand. This workshop was an enlightening experience for all of us.