Fresher party report on 12 March 2021  (AAGAAZ)

The purpose of Fresher’s Party is to welcome new students in a friendly atmosphere and to encourage their creative impulses to boost their confidence. It is the day where seniors and juniors finally bond and unite to celebrate being part of the college. The party was organized by Uttaranchal P.G College of biomedical sciences & Hospital on 12 March 2020.The program started with lamp lightening by Managing director Engineer GDS Warne , Executive director Tavleen Kaur ,Deputy director Dr Rashmi Dhingra & Er. D.K Gupta & All Principal. Senior students arranged many activities for fresher’s which include cultural events where everyone got chance to showcase their talent. On the basis of their talents & by going through different rounds of selection Mr. Yawar (BMRIT) & Miss. Arshpreet (BPT) were selected as Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher respectively.  The spark of day was “KEECHAD BAND” who performed their programme very well. All the students enjoyed the party ( AAGAAZ )








UCBMS&H , Sewla khurd , Dehradun